Social networks Wechat, Twitter, TikTok and VKontakte are restricted in Uzbekistan for violating the Law

According to article 271 of the Law "On personal data" (hereinafter - "the Law") the owner and (or) the operator, while processing personal data of citizens of the Republic of Uzbekistan, are required to ensure the collection, systematization and storage of personal data by using equipment (server), physically located in the Republic of Uzbekistan and registered in the State Register of personal data.

In other words, servers should be located and operate in Uzbekistan so as to ensure the security of personal data of citizens of Uzbekistan. The state gains more power to control over servers, as well as gets smooth access to personal data of citizens Uzbekistan, whereas their main goal is to ensure security of personal data.

Due to the violation of the above-mentioned Law, the social networks Wechat, Twitter, TikTok and VKontakte are blocked and included in the "List of violators" in accordance with Art. 33 of the Law until the so-called "drawbacks" are removed.

It is noteworthy that Uzbekistan citizens have free access to other social networks, which do not have any local database of personal data in Uzbekistan.