Implementation of standard procedure for personal data processing in Uzbekistan

As of November 15, 2023, Uzbekistan has adopted a standardized procedure for the processing of personal data, as established by the Minister of Justice's Order under registration number 3478, enhancing the existing legislative framework in the area of personal data protection.

The purpose of this procedure is to clarify the processes and actions prescribed by the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Personal Data", as well as to specify the application of related legal acts in the field of personal data processing. The primary goal of the document is to ensure an comprehensive understanding and implementation of legislative requirements, thereby contributing to a clearer and more predictable actions in the area of personal data protection.

According to this procedure, it is specified that before processing any data belonging to a subject, the subject must be informed about the data operator, the purposes of processing, storage conditions, data transfer rules, as well as the possibility of transferring this data to third parties and its cross-border transfer.

The document emphasizes the core principles of personal data protection, including:

  • Encryption to ensure data confidentiality.
  • The reliability of database management systems for their protection.
  • Authentication methods to control access.
  • The development of internal policies to regulate data processing.

The procedure clarifies key aspects of personal data legislation, highlighting the importance of internal control and the responsibility of organizations handling data. In particular, attention is paid to the necessity of appointing responsible individuals or creating specialized departments for data protection.

The document details the procedures already established in the regulatory acts of the sector regarding the transfer of data to third parties and its cross-border transfer, emphasizing the duty of operators to notify subjects when data requests are made by government bodies. It also highlights the existing rights of subjects to access and manage their information, strengthening the foundations of transparency in the processing of personal data.

In conclusion, this document, by establishing a standardized procedure for the processing of personal data, reinforces existing legal frameworks in the personal data protection sphere. It complements the Republic of Uzbekistan's Law "On Personal Data" and related regulatory acts, clarifying the practical application of these norms and setting recommendations for all participants in the process.


Date of publication: February 20, 2024

Author: Settle administration