On June 7, 2022, the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan "On Advertising" was adopted in a new edition

Unlike the old (current) edition, a number of important changes for business have been made to the new edition of the Law.

One of the most important changes is that with the new edition of the law, advertisements in the Republic of Uzbekistan can be distributed only in the state language, with duplicate translation of advertisement in other languages. In other words, advertisers are now obliged to advertise their goods, services and works predominantly in Uzbek language, while the translation of the advertisement in other languages may also exist under certain conditions, namely:

- translation of the advertisement should not exceed 40% of the total advertising area;

- the font size of the translated text of the advertisement should be smaller than the font of the original text;

- translation of advertisements distributed on TV and radio channels, as well as in printed publications, should not exceed 20% of the total daily volume of advertising.

However, registered trademarks (service marks), syllabic letters in the typographic set (logos) can be used “as is” i.e. in the original language, and the advertising language requirement does not apply to them.

Thus, the existence of a registered trademark (brand name, logo, etc.) is becoming an increasingly important condition for successful business promotion in Uzbekistan.

Also, although advertising of breast milk substitutes has actually been banned since 2019 with certain conditions, this ban has finally been reflected in the law. Now advertising of breast milk substitutes is completely prohibited, regardless of type of the substitute.

On the other hand, now the law allows advertising of few types of alcoholic beverages, namely beer, natural and sparkling wines produced in the Republic of Uzbekistan. Advertising of alcoholic beverages is allowed, in particular, on the official websites of manufacturers and companies engaged in the sale of the abovementioned types of alcoholic beverages, indicating the age classification of products.