The Uzbek government sets unified patent fees for the business

The Senate approved legislative innovations to standardise patent fee sizes as part of a systematic effort to strengthen the Republic of Uzbekistan's position in international organizations, including harmonising national legislation with World Trade Organization rules and regulations.

Unification of patent fees

Under the new changes that will take effect on January 1, 2025, all entities, whether residents or non-residents of Uzbekistan, will pay the same patent fees. From 2025 onward, the state fee amount will not depend on whether the entity is a resident.

According to the new calculation method, the state fee amount will be determined based on the applicant's legal status, meaning whether they are individuals or legal entities. One fee amount will be for individuals and another for legal entities to simplify the payment process and standardize the rules for everyone.

Comparison with the current fees

Adopting these legislative amendments will significantly reduce the state duty payments for foreign individuals. Currently, residents applying for trademark registration in class 1 of the International Classification of Goods and Services pay a fee approximately $40, whereas non-residents (except for five countries) must pay roughly $650. Once these changes take effect, the fees for foreigners will be reduced by about 15 times, encouraging greater foreign participation in intellectual property registration in Uzbekistan.

Advantages of tariff unification

In turn, simplifying procedures for paying state duty will create a more favorable business environment and promote competition in the country, reducing the administrative burden for both entrepreneurs and government agencies.  

In summary, implementing these legislative changes, in alignment with the World Trade Organization (WTO), marks a significant move towards Uzbekistan joining this global organization. It boosts the efficiency and competitiveness of the economy, making it easier for businesses to grow and attracting more investment to Uzbekistan. Using consistent tariffs in any capacity strengthens the country's international ties, paving the way for new opportunities in diplomacy, trade, and economic partnerships with other WTO members.


Author: SETTLE administration

Date: May 21, 2024