Unauthorized change of IMEI codes of mobile devices entails administrative liability in Uzbekistan

Uzbek Code of Administrative Responsibility introduced new sanctions, which establish administrative responsibility for unauthorized change of the IMEI codes of mobile devices.

FYI: IMEI is a unique digital device code that is needed to distinguish a specific device from all others. Any device with access to a cellular network has an IMEI - from a smartphone to a automatic gates. However, current legislative changes only apply to mobile devices.

the State Unitary Enterprise “Republican Center for Management of Telecommunications Networks of Uzbekistan” is responsible for registering and maintaining the state registry of IMEI codes. At the same time, when connecting to the network, the mobile device reports its IMEI to the operator’s network. Accordingly, the mobile provider also knows what models of mobile devices its subscribers have.

The Code of Administrative Liability is supplemented by Article 1553, which provides for administrative liability for changing the international unique identification code/module of a mobile device without the permission of the legal manufacturer, as well as the development, distribution or use of special programs for this purpose. The fine is up to 20 BCV (basic calculation value), which equals to $550 today. It is noteworthy that items and/or any equipment with the help of which an administrative offense was committed are subject to confiscation.

Administrative liability has been introduced for violation of legislation in the field of cryptocurrency, in particular conducting illegal mining activities, as well as violation of rules in the field of circulation of crypto-assets are subject to administrative liability, while repeated violations entail criminal liability.


Date of publication: January 21, 2024

Authors: Settle administration